We believe the best cannabis is made with sunlight, fresh air, pristine water, organic teas, and without the use of man-made chemicals. The number one goal at Rising Leaf Farms is to produce the highest-quality, cleanest cannabis on the market. In the tradition of Oregon's craft brewing industry, Oregon is becoming known for boutique-quality cannabis. That is the level we constantly strive for. We grow a variety of strains to satisfy all tastes. High THC? We’ve got it. High CBD? Those are some of our favorites. Interesting terpene profiles? Always something we are on the lookout for and we enjoy finding and sharing them with the public. We are very excited to be able to provide some rare strains. If you are a consumer, please look or ask for us in your favorite dispensary. If you are in the industry, contact us; we would love to share our offerings with you.

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