At Rising Leaf Farms….

We believe that there is much more to cannabis than THC. By actively exploring the synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes, we strive to bring the finest cannabis to people who want to enjoy the amazing plant. We study terpene and cannabinoid profiles for each strain we grow to educate ourselves and to help the public discover which combinations consistently meet each individual’s desired effect.

Our farm is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains at an elevation of 2200’. Our cannabis is grown with crystal-clear well water and the finest organic teas and soils known to us, never with synthetic nutrients or pesticides. Each plant is hand-tended with love and care from seed to sale. We are continually striving to improve the quality of our products, our environment, and our community.

Our Story

Rising Leaf Farms was started as a small idea in a big factory. Jason and Stephanie, formerly of Intel, were the initial brainchildren of the company. The idea started in an Intel Fab at none-other than lithography tool number 420. We started comparing our cannabis knowledge and before you know it we were talking about starting a business. Fortunately for both of us we have amazing partners that were at first a little reluctant to the idea of a cannabis farm but also supported our aspiration that, at the time, seemed like it may be a money maker. It wasn’t long before the two couples were in business together, everyone owning 25% of the company. Jason and Jennifer moved from Portland in August of 2015 to beautiful Westfir, not long after cannabis was legalized in Oregon. Jason had been a OMMP grower for his Mom and one other patient up to the time that they applied for the OLCC licence. Rising Leaf Farms started with a greenhouse bought off of Craigslist in Gaston, OR. Taken down and reconstructed on our farm in Westfir. Things have been rocky to say the least, between learning the climate, growing in a greenhouse as well as outdoors at 2200’. Learning what strains work best here in our environment has been a challenge, it hasn’t been until we connected with Nat at Humboldt Seed Co. that we started to figure out some strains that work well for us up here and learning how to breed seeds. We are now starting to come into our own in year two of OLCC licensing. We have made partnerships and expanded the products that are available. Our processors, White Label Extracts and CBDiscovery, have turned out some great product and gotten good reviews on Instagram. Our current products include Sol Rolls our in house branded pre-roll in 9 different flavors as well as flower, seeds, and beginning this Spring we will offer plant starts to licensed OLCC outdoor producers. Stephanie and Colin are both working on refining the chemistry component of our grow. More details to come.